Windows stuck on welcome screen after losing power in standby


My pc won't logon anymone, the pc lost power while it was in standby and I can't seem to boot it anymore.

I'm stuck at just after you put in your password, the spinning circle & welcome screen. I can still move the mouse ( 2nd screen shows mouse movement) and press any of the lock keys so the pc is not frozen, it's as if it is waiting for something. The res is fine on both my screens and I did get audio when it went to the logon screen.
The HDD led is not burning... It's simply doing, erm, nothing...
It DOES boot into safe mode normally.

chkdsk found no problems.
Windows startup repair says no problems and successful boot.

One more thing, in the logon screen where you enter your password, the other pop up menus like the accessibility menu or the menu to reboot/shutdown/standby/hibernate/etc also DO NOT work if I try that instead of logging in, I click on them and it's like the logon screen freezes but I can still move the mouse. this does not happen in safe mode...

No changes have been made since 16 jun, no windows updates, perhaps an app update or 2 ( avast upgraded to v7 iirc, required reboot and this is the first time I cold booted in weeks/I haven't rebooted it since after the last batch of updates around the 16th). I usually do not turn my pc off ever, this is the first cold boot in 2 weeks so It's hard for me to say what changed, but I know it was not a windows update or anything as I only do those manually once per 1 or 2 months...

Win 7 ultimate x64 with all updates up to 16-6...

Asus P6T
i7 940
12GB DDR3-2000
Asus U3S6 sata 3 controller > Corsair Force 3 SSD with OS.
6 Internal HDD's on the board, 1 extrernal USB, 1 NAS mapped to z:\
Mx518 mouse and G11 kb.
Some usb devices like a card reader, ext. hdd etc... But no changes made to this since January.
Audigy 2 ZS (but only used for eax games or other games that don't like digital audio0), I usually have audio over HDMI for 95% of my uses.

PC has always been fine while in use, used for heavy gaming, Plex media server, other servers like teamviewer, 24/7 torrents and newsleecher. No problems whatsoever, no lockups, freezes, or any other problems.

Any ideas ?
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  1. Nvm, fixed it, was Avast, removed Avast in safe mode and my pc is fine again, stupid monkey programmers. I've had the exact same problem at a customer on Vista and vaguely and luckily remembered it, was about to eat my hat .
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