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I was thinking of gettting a more gaming friendly keyboard. Whats a good keyboard to get? I was looking at the Zboard, but its got the different keysets for different games. So you have to buy a keyboard for each game? Unless of course there isn't one, then you would just use the generic, right? What happens when a couple years go by and you don't play those games anymore and you have accumulated a lot of keyboards? or keysets I should say. Your not gonna really be able to sell them cuz their old.
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  1. Personally I think there is only one true keyboard. The classic IBM Model M. Good old-fashioned buckling spring tecnhology means that you get a good solid click rather than the mushy "quiet" nonsense you see far too often these days. No extra keys trying to link to shopping portals of MSN messenger or other crap either. Just a simple, heavy, heavy-duty keyboard that will last just about forever.
  2. I want that a manufacturer build a keyboard whith a switch for
    turn off the Windows and the Menu keys. ---Excuse my bad english.
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