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Poor RAID0 performance

Last response: in Storage
May 27, 2003 3:56:45 AM

I have 2x75GB Deskstars in a RAID0 setup using a Fasttrak 100, p4 1.7GHz and WinXP. The drives are partitioned into c (10gb for sys), d (65) and e (65) using NTFS. I ran sandra's benchmark and got a horrible index of 15,264. Sandra doesn't have my specific setup in the index listing, but the closest I could find was ATA100 2xRAID0 (7.2Krpm, 2MB cache, 40GB, FAT32, WinXP) and that score was 36,300.

I defragged the disk and still no luck. Any thoughts?

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May 27, 2003 6:59:49 AM

Your configuration has a score of about 45000 with Sandra Software (the 75 GXP DTLA is the best companion of the Promise Fasttrack 100).
If you don't have such a value, you have some problems in your configuration and with some devices which are slowing down your system. Try to disable all devices and applications, particularly devices such as USB 2.0.
Disable in BIOS the virsus boot detection and any program for energy saving. You may also try to move your fasttrack card into an other slot to verify if the IRQ the system is assigning to the Promise card is shared with other devices.
Before test the array you should also defrag the partition under test. Consider also that the benchmark should be performed on the first partition. Finally, if it still doesn't work, please let us know your configuration (mobo, page file location, application running, other card, etc..)