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so i just used this log on tweaker ( ), and now i can't boot into windows. I get the loading symbol and then when im supposed to get the logon screen i just get a black screen with a cursor. I thought it might not be displaying properly but might be working all the same so i tried to enter my password, but it didnt work. I then thought maybe if i could boot into restore/recovery via DVD, but again got a black screen with a blinking underscore. Now im wondering about clearing CMOS and resetting BIOS? im using a n asus p8p67-m pro. thanks in advance

Edit: realized i also used this ( file. im running 64-bit windows 7 professional
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  1. never download a file like that it may have been a virus that killed the data on your hard drive. if your hard drive is working hitting f8 should get you into save mode you may be able to remove what you did. you should still be able to get into the bios unless the virus has killed the hard drive. if it did you wont be able to get into the bios intill you unplug the sata data cable.
    myself i would power off the pc and unplug the power and clear the cmos. then try to boot into the recovery dvd. if the recovery dvd wont boot see if someone have a full version of windows. boot with it then format your drive and then try the recovery dvd.
    make that cs and see using the mini xp that you can still boot into windows and run some anti virus from the cd.
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