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Hi, I had build a few desktop computers for myslef and friends before, and I recently recieved a broken laptop that I had decided to bring back to life. I was given a slow 4200 rpm drive and decided to go and buy a fast drive. I picked up a Fujitsu MHT2040AH PL hard drive off of ebay which has a DMA/ATA-100 (Ultra) interface. I was under the impression that all laptop harddrives are the same, but the laptop does not interface with it. I have trying to put this into a compaq 2150us laptop. The Fujitsu is like a male, and the mb wants a female.

I guess the question is, is there an adaptor I could use to use this harddrive or atleast a compatible enclosure for this drive so I didn't waste my money? Thanks. -Collin
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  1. Well, if anybody else was having problems with hard drive compatiblity with their laptops I came across the solution as I was putz'in around. I had bought a Fujitsu drive and the original in my compaq was a hitachi. Both drives had adaptors on the pins to interface with the compaq standard and the toshiba standard. The adaptors can be removed and easily put on the nesscary drive to use it in the laptop. Hope this helps somebody in the future.

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