I have read and enjoyed almost all of the mouse reviews on this site and i also think that tomshardware.com is really helpful as it helped me in buying components for a new pc about a year ago now and so i am wondering if you could help me again. I have been looking for a new mouse for a while now and am stuck between buying a Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical [recommended by a friend] and buying a Logitech MX500/MX700. Although the reviews have been very helpful I am still stuck with this dillema and would like to know which you think is best, and i need to know quickly. I would also like to ask something about the dual optical mouse. I have noticed that here in the UK it has become extremely hard to buy, in fact, you can only buy it from Logitechs European Store for a higher price, I would like to know whether anyone knows something about this, as in is there something wrong with the Dual Optical or is it just a sales angle?
Thanks again
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  1. if you used a MX700 u'd think all the rest were crap lol

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  2. Well I own the MX500 and I must say I'm very happy with it. It fits perfectly in the hand, easy to move with superb respond and a lot of extra buttons with nice functions but too bad most games don't support the extra buttons.

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  3. ok, thanks for your replies guys, i can see some people like the mx series...but, has anyone had first hand experience of both the dual optical and the mx series mice?? This would really help me out in knowing which is better. Thanks again.
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