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DVD burning slooooooow!

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
February 14, 2006 12:34:03 PM

I just bought an ACER Aspire 1640 notebook comp. It has Pentium M 725 @ 1.6GHz, PCI-Express mobo, 80GB WD 5400 RPM HDD, and an 8X DVD+/-RW burner. When I ripped a DVD to the HDD it took about the same amount of time as my desktop takes, around 20 mins( I don't have a bios that has the rip-lock turned off). But when I went to burn the info from the HDD to an 8X DVD-R it took almost an hour, around 55mins. I know that an 8X DVD should burn in about 10mins. I thought maybe I had some problems with my hardware so I downloaded the Passmark performance test. It said my HDD was fine, Read/Write times were around 29.3-31.3 MB/sec and the CD read speed was 2.19 MB/sec. Thats pretty decent. So does anyone have any ideas why it takes so long to burn a DVD?? If it takes this long its not even worth having a burner on the comp. Oh by the way, I did all of this on AC power so the comp was on max performance settings.

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February 20, 2006 9:41:39 PM

It really depends how fast the burner is burning that DVD..

It's usually not 8x says UP TO 8x
February 22, 2006 1:12:39 AM

The fastest way is create the disc image from the data file, then burn dvd by record the image. it save me at least twenty minutes this way.
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February 22, 2006 4:37:09 PM

Sounds like either...

1) You were transcoding or shrinking the DVD


2) Your drive is only working in PIO mode.
PIO mode uses the CPU to hand-hold the transfer of data from PC to drive or vice versa. Its limited in speed to about 16MB/s. DMA mode uses a special chip to perform the same function but alot faster.

Check in device manager under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers that each entry has DMA IF AVAILABLE set for the Primary & Secondary Channels under Advanced Settings.
February 23, 2006 1:59:53 PM

I had already transcoded the DVD using DVD Shrink 3.2 All I was trying to do was to burn the files output by DVD Shrink to the blank disc using Nero This is the same process I use on my desktop and it burns a disc in about 4-5 mins at 16X.

I have checked and DMA is enabled and my HDD is using DMA mode 5 and the DVD writer is using DMA mode 2.

In Nero before burning I did a write speed test, where it just tests how fast the HDD can send info to the burner, and it said my HDD was good for 20.3X which was 28,080 KB/s, which is definitely in excess of the 11,080 KB/s that 8X is. So the computer should have the ability to transfer data fast enough from the HDD to the writer to sustain an 8X burn, or at least something close. Its taking 55mins to burn one full DVD thats not even a 2X burn, thats ridiculous. I have tried various brands of media also, with no difference in burning times.