Striped hard drives one failed and is now a cd drive

I had a striped hard drive set up because I thought it was cool to make 2 500's a 1 tb. it broke. but now one of em went off the reservation and now wants to be a cd drive after reformatted the drive that was working.

can't see the errant drive in disk management but in computer (windows 7, custom build) it's my new cd drive witch claims to be my H: drive.

any clue as to what I'm talking about?

I'd get rid of the sucker but I'm not sure what drive to pull (I have 6) and don't know if that would help.
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  1. sorry H: is a virtual i have "power iso" let it be said ask questions answer your question yourself
  2. so my hard drive was replaced by my virtual drive and problems insued with steam, desura, and origin. all good now
  3. well desura not so much but the other two are acting all polite at least.
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