Anybody know where to get a ATCS-Tek MRO-16?

Tom's Hardware gave it first Editor's Choice award and I also think it's a solid case. No firewire hurts a little.

Anybody know where to get one? I went to their website but there were no stores to be found which supply it.

Appreciate any help.
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  1. Bump. :frown:
  2. I found some shops in Europe that sell them (in Germany, France and Italy) but I couldn't find any shop in the USA.

    My CPU fan spins so fast that it creates a wormhole :eek:
  3. Yea, I have a feeling I might be S.O.L. on this case. Oh well.
  4. As mentioned in the article, a lot of ATCS cases seems to get released by Cooler Master. There are two cases on the coolermaster site that I'm *almost* positive match up:

    The ATC-201c looks to be the same case, without the side window. The ATC-201B-SXK is a dead ringer for the case in Tom's picture. The only difference is that the chart in Tom's review claims 5 internal 3x5 bays, while this case only has 4. With all due respect to THG, I currently believe that was just a typo in the THG report. The dimensions are also strangely off by about 2 or 3 mm in each direction.

    I found these cases for sale on newegg:

    (Top two on the list, last I checked.) I just bought the ATC-201C-SX. Woohooo!!!
  5. Thanks alot roble! The one you picked is a sweet case. I like the same case but prefer the window on the side.
  6. It is the Coolermaster ATC-201.
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