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I am trying to install a floppy drive on a brand new computer. My father recently bought a Medion computer. It came with a card reader instead of a floppy drive. I am totally stumped as to why I can not get the computer to read disks that are put into the floppy drive.

The computer sees the floppy drive, it says that "this device is working properly", but it will not recognize that there is a disk in it. It gives the message "Please insert disk into drive A"

The light on the floppy does not come on when I stick a floppy in, nor does it flash upon boot up. But if I flip the ribbon the light comes on and stays on...I have to disconnect power to make light go off.

Here are the things I have tried without success...

1.Flipped the floppy ribbon.
2.Tried a different known good floppy ribbon.
3.Tried 3 different known good floppy drives.
4.Uninstalled the floppy, rebooted and reinstalled it.
5.Enabled the floppy drive A in bios
6.Made sure the floppy controller was enabled.
7.I don't know if this matters or not, but the card reader was set as the first boot device and I changed it so the floppy is the first one...but it didn't help.

Is there any software issues that would cause this? And would the card reader make it so I can't install a floppy? Also the card reader takes up Drive letters H,I,J,K Does this matter?

Any help or suggestions would greatly be appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read :o)

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  1. Floppy cables are the worst! OK so when you flip it over and the light comes on and stays on, that means it's backwards. So now you know which way it goes on the drive...maybe.

    Your floppy cable should have a twist in it. The twist goes just before the drive. Assuming you have a tower case, the floppy cable goes on with the red stripe on the inside, and the red stripe of the other end on pin 1 of the board connector. If the light comes on, you have an end flipped.

    OK, assuming you start by putting your cable on the board with the red stripe at Pin1. Next you put the other end with the flip near the drive, and the red stripe facing into the case (backwards of most IDE drives). Now, if it still doesn't work, you either need to set it up in BIOS, or you have a bad drive.

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  2. Hi,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply! I checked the floppy on another computer and it worked. I don't know if something in the BIOS is wrong or maybe the floppy controller is bad. I might have to break down and take it to the Computer Shop (Argh LOL) 60.00 bench plus the charge to fix it. You are right about the floppy cables being the worst! I never thought it would be a floppy drive that would cause me to break down and go to the Computer Shop LOL Oh well, thanks again for taking the time to was appreciated :o)

  3. Well if you want to see if something is wrong inside the BIOS open it and look at the (few) floppy settings. Check if it is set to 1.44MB 3.5" and floppy mode 3 support is disabled.

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