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I just upgraded my computer to a new MB and cpu. It has onboard sound, however I disabled it as I did in my older system because I use an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 for pro audio work. Unfortunatly since I installed the card the slider for main volume in control pannel is greyed out and unmovable. I look in the faders for my card when something like an mp3 or such is playing and it shows up fine, but I cannot get the sound to leave the machine thru the outputs of the card itself. I know its that damn fader in control panel, audio devices, system volume! Is there some way to get that slider to un-grey if you will? This is very frustrating! BTW im on windows xp home. I disabled the onboard audio and removed the drivers completely. Help please! :)
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  1. Did windows detect the card correctly. No yellow or red "!" by the sound components under device manager. Sounds like a driver issue.
    Have you tried uninstalling everything, remove the card, and install in another pci slot?
  2. hello, Yes windows detected and there are no warning signs ect in device manager:( M-Audio tech support is horrible. They said no sound its broke lol! But they say nothing when the usual POP of sound comes out during boot up and shut down thru the outputs! It did that on my older machine. I'm not sure on how they think its "broke" when I just moved it from a "working" older machine to a new machine. There is sound! Just no volume:) I will try what you said.

    Just curious, should this device have its own IRQ? Would that have anything to do with it?
  3. There are some things sound cards share OK with, but other things they don't. So if it's possible to get it it's own IRQ, that's a good plan. Start by moving the card to a different slot.

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  4. Dont use the pci slot next to the agp card. Many boards use the same irq for that slot and the agp.(mine did) Look in the MB manual and see if it lists the settings that each pci slot uses (mine did) and select a slot that the agp doesnt use at all.
  5. I think you're over-simplifying, of course you don't want sound and video to share an IRQ, but you don't want sound and IDE controllers to either! And usually you don't want sound and network controllers to share an IRQ.

    Usually it's OK for sound and USB to share an IRQ, but I have heard a couple situations where it didn't work as expected (USB mouse movement caused speaker noise, but that's rare). And there are system devices it can share with.

    Usually you open your case, look in, and if you have a lot of integrated peripherals, you see 5 empty slot staring at you. So you plug in a card, but usually only 2 of those slots will work with it! Reason? 1 slot is shared with video, another shared with IDE, another shared with NIC. Sometimes the remaining two slots are shared with each other (!) and you only get to USE one card max!

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