How to adjust refresh rate on ASUS TUSI-M

I own a Asus <A HREF="" target="_new"> TUSI-M </A>
I would like to adjust the refresh rate on it, however under the <b>display settings > advanced</b> i only see two options "Adapter Default" and "Optimal". The onboard video is currently set at 16MB, its a SIS630/730 graphic chip.
My main reason for wanting to increase the refresh rate is because of the small, real light gray bar that travels up the monitor.

Thanks in advance for any replys.....


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  1. This limitation normally occurs when Windows doesn't have the needed info for your monitor. It could also be a limit of the onboard video, which is truely terrible. I would normally suggest you look around for a better board, one with an AGP slot.

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  2. Thanks, i got it working now!

    I went to and found a monitor driver that worked!

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