Connecting Win XP 32 bit HHD to Win 7 64 bit rig - HHD won't show up

I'm trying to connect a Win XP 32 bit formatted external HHD to my Win 7 64 bit desktop. The problem is that the external drive only has 2 communication ports - USB 2.0 and SATA (note it is pure SATA, **not** eSATA), and the USB 2.0 port has failed permanently. So the only way to access the external HHD is via the SATA connection.

I know the SATA connection on the external HHD works because I can read it using my laptop, which has eSATA portable card plus SATA - eSATA cable.

So I've plugged the SATA cable from the external drive directly into my MB SATA port (with power off), then turn on power to desktop. The desktop loads Win 7 just fine, but the external drive does not show up in disk management. In addition, when the external drive is connected my 2nd desktop HHD drive that I use for backup (formatted via Win 7 64 bit and physically located inside the desktop case) also disappears. It is not a drive letter mapping fault, neither the 2nd backup drive nor the external drive show up in disk management or device manager.

If I power down the desktop and unplug the external drive, then restart the desktop, my 2nd backup drive reappears fully recognized and mapped.

I have another Win XP 32 bit formatted drive I'd like to place into the desktop in order to use it as a slave for data purposes (note that this drive has the Win XP OS installed on it). I'm not looking to dual-boot this drive, I simply want to access the data within Win 7.

My question is whether Win 7 can read Win XP 32 bit formatted drives at all? It doesn't seem to be able to recognize them. And if so, how do you get them recognized and can they be read as slaves with a Win XP OS installed on them?

I'm used to being able to physically flip a slave switch with the old IDE drives, but it seems like with SATA you have to hope the software just figures out what you want to do based on the BIOS boot order.
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  1. Windows 7 64 bit or 32 bit can read drives from xp or vista...the format is not the issue. There is a conflict between your internal drive and this external one. As far as putting another drive internally, if your machine has space and connections, and a big enough power supply, then you should not have an issue.

    When you say it isn't being seen, is that just in my computer? If so, please check in the Device Manager and see if all drives show. If they do, go into disk manager and assign a drive letter to each drive.

    If you can't them all in device manager, try disconnecting the internal data backup drive and plug the external one in. Check and see if you can see it in Disk Manager.

    Good luck

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