What Power Supply for an HP computer?

My brother's old hp computer ( HP 7840 ) needs a new power supply but I don't really no much about power supplies. From what I've been told, some of hp's power supplies are underpowered and very small so I really don't know what to get. I also don't know which ones will fit, I plan to buy it online.

Any suggestions?
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  1. Hi,

    How old is that PC? PII, PIII?, AMD? Most likely it should be a ATX power supply. If so there is an abundance of them all around. They are all cheap too. Check on your motherboard to see if there is a large rectangule block that is connected to your powersupply.. (or if you dont have one connected anywhere, look for something plastic of rectanglar shape) if thats the case then you've got a atx power form! =D Hope I helped.

  2. Am I right that the powersupply of that PC is a rather small one (I think I repared a similair PC). If so you should try to search for a miniATX powersupply.

    If you can post the specs of the PC we can tell you how many watt you need.

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  3. I just opened it up and compared to my other pc's power supply, it is pretty small.

    Here are the specs:
    Celeron 766 mhz
    192 mb sdram
    48x cd-rom
    30 gb HD
    gf2 mx400
  4. None of your specs matter. HP used two different size power supplies in recent years, SFX and PS-III. PS-III looks like standard ATX supplies (which are PS-II size) from the back, but have a shorter lengthe. SFX is tiny in comparison. You can see pictures of them <A HREF="http://www.chieftec.com/products/psu/PSIII & SFX PSU.htm" target="_new">HERE</A>.

    Now I've showed you what they are and what they look like, but somebody will still call one or the other a "micro ATX" power supply, because people in here are hard headed and do not listen! The fact that venders don't even know what they are selling doesn't help! Examples are:

    1.) <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProduct.asp?description=17-104-980&depa=1" target="_new">An FSP brand PS-III power supply for $20 at Newegg</A>
    2.) <A HREF="http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProduct.asp?description=17-104-981&depa=1" target="_new">An FSP brand SFX power supply for $21 at Newegg</A>

    Notice that even Newegg is stupid enough to call both of these supplies "Micro ATX" even though they are different form factors! There is no "Micro ATX" nor "Mini ATX" form factor for power supplies, there are SFX and PS-III!

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  5. MiniATX does not exist, there are only PS-III and SFX as standards for miniature ATX power supplies (unless you want to count the various rackmount power supply sizes). HP generally used PS-III in their wider chassis, and SFX in their narrower chassis.

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  6. Then I learned something new today, thanks.

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  7. Yes, well, various dealers call them whatever they like, but it gets confusing when there are two different form factors and both are being called by the same (wrong) name.

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  8. if you want to get the right part then check out http://partsurfer.hp.com/ type in the model number and they will give you a part number and you can but online.

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