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Sometimes uploanding anything crash my system.

  • Windows 7
Last response: in Windows 7
February 27, 2010 7:40:19 PM

Hi, here is a very strange problem. I ll gona give you some examples: 1 - I click to upload a image into a forum and system crash, mouse frezze and internet go away, but keyboard still work, tried to conect mouse in another place, tried to close the program via task manager, tried to restart system via task manager, a lot stuff i tried.
2 - My game Crysis crashed when I made a login in multiplayer, reinstall and hapeen 2 times, every time is when I click with the mouse, now I can´t play Crysis. 3 - When I was uploading a video into youtube did the same problem.
What I know? Is a problem whem I click to upload something. Can someone give me a tip? The system is new and this happen from the beggining. I think the problem is that I made firmware upgrade of my bios with windows 7 64 bit already installed. The only way I see now, is to format the system, but I had 4 days to configure all my stuff here. Maybe is something is register.

Thanks for any tips.

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February 27, 2010 7:57:35 PM

i will try this:-
Go to device manager (control panel - system - hardware - device manager)
open up USB stuff,
For each entry which is "USB root hub", right click - properties - click on power management and make sure the box is unticked which says "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
February 27, 2010 8:00:50 PM

I already made this to my Wirelles card, let's see what happen now, I just need some time to see if system crash, if yes, I will return here. Thanks.
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March 3, 2010 11:19:33 PM

Yeah, very strange. :o 

I upload a 80 mg file to a FTP and BUM...crash all the system. :fou: 

Is this a joke from my computer? What sector can be responsible for this?

I send a e-mail with something atached and BUM, again... :fou: 

With e-mail messages is ok, but when the file is to big I have this crash isue. :pfff: 

Please, can someone help me. There must have a answer for this problem. :( 
March 14, 2010 12:08:48 AM

I think can be my wirelles card, so I ll try to use the internet concetion from the motherboard, anyway, sometimes more or less 1 time per week my system crash when I'm not doing, this is very strange but is not a serious problem.

If I have some news about my upload crash I ll post here. thx.
March 20, 2010 10:39:38 PM

I fixed the problem. After I saw this:

It's the same problem, (with cable system don´t crash) ... in my case i go to device manager / wirelles card / advanced settings / and I disable all I could I don´t have more this stupid problem cause by the wirelles card.