UPDATED TITAL Pacific Fighters will not install on Windows 7 32Bit

I have upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 Home Premium, when I try to insall Pacific Fighters the user acct. control pops up. When I click on yes it does nothing. When I right click the DVD drive to open , I have clicked on Install or run program, Open and nothing happens. When I click on open auto play then click "install or run program from your media" nothing happens. When I click the "Run setup.exe" tab, the user acct. control pops up, click yes, again nothing happens. Can you help?
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  1. Right Click the run setup.exe and goto properties. From there select the compatibility tab and set it up to be compatible with windows vista privilege level administrator and also select change settings for all users. if this does not work you will probably need to shim the application.
  2. Having the same problem, there are two other setup programs. Since I wanted the merged PF, FB and AEP I chose that setup program and it launched the installation. It looks like there is another setup for just PF also
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