What I need to upgrade, mi laptop cpu & video Card,

I have a old hp Omnibook XE3 GC . i what to know what i need to upgrade me laptop, i have a Pentium Celeron 800 mhz, 128 ram, & 8mb of video S3/Savage., wireless card g/n.

tell what i can upgrade?. and what i need to upgrade ?!!!

please help me!!! :roll:
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  1. Depending on which OS you are running, Increasing your ram would make the greatest impact. 98 runs best with 512meg and XP likes a min of 1gig.
  2. well you could upgrade th graphic card ti would be very nice, but the best thing to do and will make alot of diference it's the memory if you put 512mb of ram it would run alot sweeter but that notebook only suports 256mb of ram check this link:
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