Sound card causing random crashes

I recently bought an audigy 1 sound card and since its installation I have been experiancing computer crashes at random, I have taken the card out and this stopped the problem however i put the card back in and back it came.
The resets range from 3 minutes to 8 hours apart.
My configuration is:
win xp pro
amd xp 1800
asus a7m266-d
120 gig hdd
512 ddr ram

I have so far used new driver from creative, changed to acpi to standaard pc, moved the card around, taken out service pack 1, updated the bios and i think that may be it.
Any help on how to resolve this will be greatly appreiciated as I am trying to complete college work for next week and these crashes can set me back alot.
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  1. What were u using for sound before the audigy? If it was onboard did you disable it in the bios? If it was another card did you remove the old drivers?
    You said you moved the card around. Do you mean to different pci slots? Dont use the pci slot next to the agp card. You might check the MB manual and see if it lists the irqs and other settings that each pci slot uses.(mine did) Select a slot that doesnt use any of the same settings as the agp slot.
  2. The problem has no rearose even with a different driver, any ideas?
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