AMD Turion (Asus A6KT) How is it?

Hi, Guys... I am a student in Hamburg (Germany).. in search of an overall good notebook i found AMD Turion Notebook from ASUS (A6KT-Q001H) exact model not available on asus website :(

Turion 64 Mobile MT-34,1024 MB RAM ATI Mobility Radeon X160015,4
at € 1199. U can find the link here
(How is it for upcomming windows vista... and for linux flavors..)

It has a SiS 756 ... How is it ?... Because the most important thing in a motherboard which controls all the things mostly is (Northbridge+Southbridge)... Please comment on this ...

Also the same notebook is with NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300... so which one to choose for new games? Thanks a lot in advance. :D
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  1. sweet, didnt realise asus had a turion with x1600 out, that will be alot better than the 7300 version :!:
  2. Buy the ASUS with the X1600 15.4. Is that widescreen?
  3. hello, the same problem for me, but... i can't choise between turion and core duo... with the same parameters and prise... in core duo is ram fps533 and in turion fps 333. which to choise, if I plan to work with flesh and inventor on it ? thanx
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