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dialup modem question.

Last response: in Components
May 30, 2003 8:11:44 PM

i know this is old school stuff, but where must still be SOME people using dial up to connect to the internet. Sadly i'm in an area with no high speed of any kind except for cable, which is my first choice for high speed, however we don't have any cable lines coming into our house.

Anyway, my question is about lag i guess. When i dial up to my service i usually connect somewhere between 42.6kbs and 46.6kbs. The problem is that when i connect at 44.0 or 45.2 everything works fine and goes just as fast as a dial up can go over a phone line. But when i connect at 42.6 or especially 46.6 the connection is slow and crappy as hell and must be statiky because ping numbers go from 250 to 1000+ (makes online games unbarable) and page loading times are equally as bad. I can usually just keep reconnecting and eventually get 45.2 (the best tested speed). My problem is that when i connect at 46.6 it almost feels like i'm an a 2400baud modem again. Is where a way to actually slow down or desinate an exact speed you don't want your modem to connect over? i know you can set 56k or 128k or 33.6 etc...but those arn't exact and it doesn't do anything anyway. I just wonder if there is a way to say...DON'T connect higher than 45.2kbs...because its so unstable when it does it doesn't work anyway.

Any ideas anyone? I've messed with my frame buffers, my send buffers, modem compression, port speed, line speed. Nothing seems to make any difference.

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