Which PSU is better?

For an XP2600 based machine running on a microATX Nforce2 board with 166fsb ,onboard video, sound, and network, which is the better of the two?

Allied ATX 200W Power Supply ATX200SFX?
Fortron - FSP200SNV 200W Power Supply?
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  1. XP2600 Minimum 300W P/S

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  2. This are those miniATYX form factor PSUs, SFX form factor to be precize.

    Those are very underrated and a 200W (abou the highest you can find) are enough for high-end PCs. Those Shuttle barebones also only have a 200W PSU.

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  3. thank you for noting that im speaking about microATX power supplies svol. AS for the previous poster, der. Im not talking ATX, im talking microATX. Why is it that very few people seem to know the difference????
  4. There is no Micro ATX form factor for power supplies. SFX is the most common mini size, which is where the SFX in the ATX200SFX model number came from.

    The Fortron power supply is the best you can get in the SFX form factor.

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