2 memory sticks, same size but different company's

Hey, I got a 512 mb 400mhz kingston memory stick, I just ordered a Corsair 512 mb 400 mhz to make it run in dual channel speed. Would it work or do they have to be the same exact chips.Same memory speed but different companys. It should work hopefully, anyway i think the corsair is mabie a little bit better because it has the heat spreader so should i put that in the first slot and my kingston in the 3rd memory slot? my kingston says cas2.5 but it runs in 2.0 (the corsair is rated cas2)so would the these both work as cas2?
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  1. You'll just have to try them yourself and see what happens, you won't hurt anything but they may not be compatable, but it probably won't show up in memtest, but in the Windows OP/SYS environment you could loose files for no apparent reason, but then again they may work perfectly together, if you do run into problems they can be major, but you can always try running them manually at CAS 2.5, if they won't run at CAS 2.0.

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