Can't install windows 7

I got a brand new computer today, just put it together, And it won't let me boot from cd, or from an USB created with wintoflash, Whenever I try to boot from the CDROM it just says

Loading Operating System...
Boot from cd/dvd : and a blinking line

And then the CD Drive starts making that wooshing noise like it's loading the disc and starting the install, But it keeps going for like 10 secs and then it just stops..

When I try to boot from USB it gets stuck on Loading Operating System

Mobo is Gigabyte Z68AP-D3

And yes i've changed the boot order in bios multiple times, And pressing f12 during boot to choose device to boot from

I don't know which one to choose when trying to boot from USB, there's multiple USB devices listed.

USB- Some thing I dont remember

But i've tried them all and none works..

And the DVD drive is confirmed to work, Since my friend used it to install win7 on his computer like 4 weeks ago.
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  1. Go back to bios. go to boot menu. "disable" all but the disk drive. Then try it. After windows is installed, go back to bios and selct normal boot order.
  2. No difference, disabled all but the disk drive, f10 save and reboot, same message,disk starts spinning,stops,nothing happens..
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