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My elderly father in law just purchased an Acer laptop.Very simple very cheap. Until you get to the Microsoft extortion racket.

When he purchased a Belkin wireless N for his DSL connection the curry eating a55hats in Mumbai couldn't configure the router and said it was a 7 issue.

Imagine that? So after waiting for an hour on hold with Microshaft I pretty sure I spoke with the cousin of the Belkin loser. After about 10 minutes with this clown it became obvious that Microshaft was going to charge him $279 for a two year Software Insurance plan the fix the issue.

I'm sure there is a very simple solution. Can any of you guys help and elderly old man on a fixed income?

I'm suree

I'm glad I bought a Mac.
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  1. So you're glad you bought a Mac because you can't run a simple Google search? This is not a 7 issue. There are plenty of resources available on the web to help you in configuring that router properly.

    Add to that, the fact that you haven't really told us what the problem is. All you've done here is ranted.
  2. Well Mr. Gadget,you haven't answered the question so you aren't much good. How do you think I found this site?

    So you're cool with the fact that Microshaft does this kind of *** on purpose?

    Go get your shinebox!
  3. Fine... I'll do the dirty work for you...

    Was that so hard? I literally found it in 7 seconds.

    Microsoft does not do this on purpose. Perhaps the person you were talking to didn't completely understand the issue? Maybe you didn't explain it to them properly? Regardless, in less time than it took for you to type out both of those posts, you could have run a quick Google search and found an answer to your problem instead of trolling here.

    Never mind me not answering the question, you still have not fully explained the problem. All I can tell from your description above is that you potentially have a router configuration issue, and 2 people you have talked to thus far (one from Belkin, one from Microsoft) have not provided much help. Please provide more detail or we won't be able to help you any more than the Belkin or Microsoft reps you spoke with, did.

    Oh, and lipping off people on this forum, especially those that can do something about it, is not a good idea. Don't say you haven't been warned.
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