No sound on computer no matter what i do?


about my situation; I plugged in my microphone and the sound has been working flawlessly ever since i got [...] Desktop-PC

The problem started today; I had a guest come over and I wanted to share with him some things on the computer that required sound. I hooked up my speakers (the speakers WORKED on my old computer, i had no reason to believe they wouldn't on this computer). To my dismay, they would works i correctly plugged in the speaker jack and plug, i wouldn't receive any sound. After an hour of fiddling with this thing, updating drivers for my AMD High Def Audio Device sound driver, double checking to see if i had it muted,
downloaded Original IDT High Definition Audio Driver ►
2012-05-10 , Version:6.10.6367.0 Rev. A, 17.4M (from HP's website),
etc, i gave up and decided to plug my headphones back in.

The headphones nor the mic will not work anymore. I checked device manager, under Sound, video and game controllers, i have "AMD High Def, Bluetooth Hands-free audio, Hauppauge WinTV 723x (ATSC/NTSC), IDT High Def Audio Codec", i updated AMD and IDT, none of them have warning symbols next to them. When i play a video from youtube, Sound is being picked up from the Sound panel but i don't hear a thing. I dont have any Windows Updates, drivers are working fine, i even had to do a System restore earlier and that didn't do a thing neither.

I ran troubleshooting from the Control Panel AND from microsoft's website, none of them found an issue.

Nothing is muted, i have "Speakers / Headphones" set as Default Device, Communications Headphones set as Default Communications Device, and Digital Output (S/PDIF) on 'ready'.

I also have 'Beats Audio', the soundcard manager that came with my PC, judging by the looks of things on the panel, everything seems to be working fine.

I'm literally out of ideas now, I dont know what happened to my sound since it was working all up until i decided to unplug it from the rear panel. If anyone has any ideas, i'd very much appreciate it, thanks.

Another thing to note; When i unplug my headphones, Windows doesn't detect them as 'unplugged'.

On Beats Audio; Under 'Speakers / Headphones', it shows Speakers (which i dont have plugged in) being my default device, under 'Communications Headphones', it shows my headphones being the speakers, set as my default communication device.
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  1. i cant enter the link,can you write me the model number of your PC
  2. does device manager recognize your soundcard
  3. yes it does, i have those 4 listed in the OP
  4. I installed that driver already.

    Why would my headset work in the morning and not now? I didnt even update the drivers until today..? They're also in the same ports as they've always been in
  5. S/PDIF is digital output. Have you tried turning that off as it may be defaulting to digital rather than outputting to your analogue speakers.

    The speakers you are using, did it come with a subwoofer?

    Try this hp support page.
  6. I disabled it, nothing happened.

    I've reinstalled the IDT driver manually and through the HP server, nothing.

    I've system restored, checked Beats audio, nothing is muted, sound is being detected but not outputted through my devices.

    I've tried troubleshooting through HP service, Microsoft service, Windows service, nothing is identified as the problem.

    I've talked to 2 representatives over Online chat and 1 on call so far, i probably have to reset to factory settings, if nothing else works then i need to just send it back since somehow hardware failure for unplugging my headphones ...
  7. did you try the automated diagnostic tools from hp another did you unplug the speaker with the system on power
  8. It will most likely be a setup issue with your speakers. You didnt answer my question about if you have a subwoofer speaker set. Have you plugged in the power cord for the subwoofer?
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