Upgading from PC2100 DDR to PC2700 DDR

I tend to do upgrades a component at a time. At the moment I am running an Asus A7V333R motherboard with 512 MB of PC2100 DDR (1 X 256MB 2 X 128MB in the three available slots). I am getting pretty involved with digital photography, & have decided to go to 1 GB of RAM, and since it will take 2 sticks to get me there anyway, that I will go ahead and replace my 2100 speed ram with two sticks of 512MB PC2700 DDR Ram.

Now my question. I need do nothing other than make the physical switch correct? (no change to BIOS or any of thatsort of stuff?
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  1. Should not be any adjustments required, just install em and boot up. You may want to double check your bios settings or at least use some sort of system information tool to verify your memory speeds. The PC2700 should be running at 333Mhz as opposed to the 266Mhz of the PC2100.

    The default memory speed setting of the Asus bios should be "SPD" (Serial Presence Detect) Buy memory that has "SPD", and verify the memory timing settings on your mobo (in BIOS) are indeed "SPD" and you are good to go. (In your BIOS, the first item under the "Chip Configuration" screen is titled "SDRAM Configuration". You have two choices, "User Defined" and "SPD"...select "SPD")

    On Asus's site, they make a pretty big deal about what PC2700 memory you can and cannot use, not for Asus motherboards in general but specifically for that A7V333 board. I would look at that before purchasing any memory.

    here is the link


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