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Hey guys,

Right now, I am using a Chieftec Matrix mid-tower computer case with a factory window on the side. I love the looks of the case, but there are a few things that I don't like. First of all, it isn't true black. Instead, it is a gray-black. Second, whenever my CPU fan spins at a high RPM, the side panel on which the motherboard is attached vibrates and makes a hideous sound. Third, the case is steal rather than aluminum.

This past week, I have been looking into other computer cases and came upon the Cooler Master ATC-111C-BXJ. I am pretty much sold on buying it, but I have a few questions.

1. This case is black aluminum. Does it scratch easily or show every fingerprint that gets on it?

2. Is this case well made so that none of the pieces will vibrate?

3. How quiet is it with the four stock Cooler Master fans?

4. And finally, is it worth it for me to sell my Matrix to get this case?


- Daniel (daniel1113@attbi.com)
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  1. You have a fairly thick case, and I believe that aluminum of similar thickness would do a poorer job of dampening noise. Putting a dent in the cases motherboard tray could reduce vibrations, or you could stick some foam betweent that and the exterior panel, or use dynomat, etc.

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