Installed games not working on windows 7

it is simple, i bought the Sims(TM) medievil through steam, i have windows 7, the latest version, when it installed i tried to run the game, when it went to run the screen would go black and my computer would tell me there were problems trying to run the game, and it happens everytime, i have a LEGAL OS for windows 7, anything i can do? i checked the files and they look fine, but i also am not very proficient in computers...i jsut wanted to download and play :sweat:
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  1. what is your graphics card ,check device manager if you don't know.
  2. display adaptors?
  3. click on display adapters and device manager will show you what is your graphics card
  4. it says "AMD Radeon(TM) HD 6520G"
  5. Um, yours is notebook right? what model?

    is it meet minimum requirement of the game?
  6. yes, it is this years samsung, so ijust uninstalled the gae, and am re-downloading it now to see if i missed something during installation
  7. i installed the new direct, but the drivers wouldnt download because it says they are unsupported by my manufacturer, i have a 32 bit driver
  8. i have tried the link and its working or you downloaded the file but you cant install the drivers
    did the latest DX help you
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