My peer to peer services arnt working so i cant leave my homegroup or anything i

so i cant leave my homegroup or anything im using windows 7 please help
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  1. peer to peer network grouping (p2pscv) fails to start
  2. The Peer Networking Grouping service has 2 dependencies. Make sure the Peer Name Resolution Protocol and Peer Networking Identity Manager services are also running. Then try and start Peer Networking Grouping again.
  3. ok my peer name resolution protocol isnt working it wont even tell me its working or not working when i right click and click start service nothing happens
  4. Open the properties of the service, set the start up type to Automatic and reboot. Check the service once you have rebooted to see if the service actually started as it was supposed to.
  5. ok i set it to automatic and it didnt start up
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