Sony Vaio LCD issue

I have a Sony vaio GRX560 with 16.1" LCD. The image on the LCD is cut off on the right side and bottom. This happens During POST, in the BIOS, whenever.

An external Display works fine hooked up to the CRT out 15pin.

I have tried another invertor, same issue.

I am trying to determine if it might be the data cable from mainboard to LCD, or the LCD itself. The image is perfect in every way, except for the image being displayed is larger than the LCD can show.

This is NOT a windows issue, this behavior is the same in BIOS or Post or DOS.

I see no settings in BIOS to change basic resolution, and besides, external display works fine.

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  1. Hmmmm, no ideas? :D
  2. if u are on anolog you may need to hit the auto button

    LAPTOP....MY BAD!!! sorry

    Maybe get a hold of sony see if it is under warrentee?
  3. I got tired of messing with it so I ripped the CPU out, I am parting out this sorry sony peice of sheet.
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