The Best Gaming Keyboard: any left-handed one!

I've found the best keyboard for gaming, at least for right-handed people, is a left-handed keyboard. Why? The number pad is on the left instead of the right, allowing you to use your mouse with your dominant (right) hand, and use the numpad for all your game bindings. Compared to the standard up/down/left/right keys of the keyboard, the number pad has many keys conviently surrounding it that can be bound to the variety of function used in games (use/crouch/cycle inventory, etc.)

The only reason I discovered this was because a left-handed keyboard was given to me. I was told to try it out and after 2 years I can't see myself going back. The keyboard I'm using is a Sejin Electronics EAT-1040PS. Those interested can check it out here:

The only problem I'm having, and I hope someone in the forum can help me with this, is the lack of name-brand left-handed keyboards out there, particularly quiet ones. The one I'm using now works fine, but I don't know how much longer it will last, and it's as loud a typewriter! Normally I wouldn't mind that, but I share a room with my brother, and because of our work/school schedules he's usually sleeping when I'm wanting to use the computer.

I saw some keyboards made by Logitech that have the numpad seperate from the rest of the board, allowing me to put it on whatever side I want, but I really don't want to spend over $100 on a board filled with keys that I'll never use (still looking for one with the "do my homework" button; I'm surprised I haven't seen it yet). And I don't want a keyboard that looks like it fell from an alien spacecraft either. What I'm looking for is a QUIET, solidly-built, simple (101 key;normally shaped), reasonably priced left-handed keyboard.

Any ideas?

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  1. I am right handed however I have been using the number pad for almost all my game functions since duke nukem 3d and am very disappointed with the gaming keyboards that place there action keys on the left. It seems to me that you would want the action keys close to the monitor and not far away from youre mouse so that you can see the keys at a glance and your arm doesnt get tired from reaching across.

    Maybe what they need is a new board that is gaming exclusive so that people can put it any whare/ logitec has something like that and im thinking about trying it out.
  2. TVS gold black
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