Dell smartstep 250n: usb 1.0 or 2.0?

Hello folks
I'm new here, but i'm hoping to findsome help.
ive got a Dell smartstep 250n, which I'm startin to suspect has a usb 1.0. I recently connected a usb 2 drive, and it says " hi speed device connected to a non hi speed usb hub" . the book don't say what usb it has, and can't find the info at delll. Even the reviews don't mention the usb speed. It's a new enough computer and generally has all high end features. I,m thinking i should get a pcmcia usb 2.0.

anyone know what usb this sucker has?
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  1. I thought they stopped selling those things? Have you checked for driver updates via dell? If so then it's almost certainly usb1.0 unless it's only got xp (not sp1 or 2) you might need to do some windows updates. If you really want to find out, call dell and ask.
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