Portable LCD for dual display on notebook?

Does anybody know if any vendor sells a portable 14.1" or 15" LCD for use as a 2nd display for a notebook. One that is no larger than the standard LCD on a notebook. That I can put in my laptop bag along with the computer and take with me when I travel and visit a client site?

It would have to have an external power brick of course.


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  1. Have you looked into a portable DVD player? Sure the top end is 12" I think, but some of them might have inputs that can match a third party cable.

    14 inch it is.....

    No I dont work for them.
  2. Hmmm, I hadn't thought about a portable DVD unit. That's definitely a nice unit, but I don't know how well a laptop's dual monitor setup would work when you have to convert your 15-pin VGA adapter to an s-video connection. I'll have to look that one up.

    So far I haven't found anybody who makes what I want. However, there are some companies that sell VGA->LCD adapter boards that will work with laptop LCD screens, however, it looks like I would have to package it up myself.
  3. My Laptop has a S-video out. Thought they were getting more standard.

    But VGA to component video is an easy to find cable. But that means Hi-Def type displays.

    What about a projector? Very common with the laptop equipped traveling salesman.
  4. Ah, I do have s-video on my laptop. I had taken only a quick glance and thought that was a PS2 mouse port. What I'm concerned about is that, one, if I use that, I'm only going to get the standard tv quality display that isn't really suited to reading the text in browser windows and graphics and stuff, and, two, if the s-video out is a standard video out for displaying dvd and doesn't support XP's dual monitor/desktop display. I'll have to see if I can find my svideo cable that came with the laptop and try it out.
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