Which version for multiple computers?

Hey guys,

Here's the windows 7 RC is about to expire, I do have a copy of XP Pro that I got from a buddy of mine...I am not sure if it will work or not using an upgrade version of Windows 7, I want to use the 64 bit version of Win7, and I want to be able to put it on more than just one pc at the same time.

I would like to put win7 on my 2 pc's and my friend's parent's pc. Is there a version of Win7 that I am able to use on multiple pcs at the same time or do I need to buy separate Win7s for each individual pc?

I don't anticipate upgrading to a new pc for myself any time soon, but there is a halfway decent chance that I might sell my current system and be able to get a new one that way. OEM version kinda scares me, but at the same time, if it would definitely be the best value, I would not be totally against it.

Another concern for me would be home, pro, or ultimate...I think ultimate would be kind of a rip-off for what I would need...the only feature looking somewhat interesting it has that pro doesn't would be the encryption thing, but I mean really, I can probably get by without that. I'm leaning towards pro mostly because I'm scared there will be a program I'll want to use that I would need to set up the native xp mode for...but again, do I really need to worry about that too much? Home would be the cheapest and in my mind have the most value, but I'd like to hear from you guys if you think I would want the features from pro or ultimate and if that would represent the best value.

So, it boils down to...

1) Stick with XP pro or go Win7? (I believe either will work fine for my poker mostly, web surfing, game playing [WoW mostly], and DL'ing/listening to music...but Win7 is so much zippier and cooler looking!!!)

2)Home, Pro, or Ultimate?

3)OEM or Retail?

4)Upgrade or Full?

5)Most important!!! Best way to get on multiple pcs?

Thank you very much oh dieties of helpful forum knowledge,

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    Regardless, you have to buy multiple licenses. For your copy of XP you can buy an upgrade version and still do a clean install (number 17 in this thread links to a guide that tells you how to do that). For your friend's parents, you will have to buy either an OEM (if you don't need to transfer the copy to another PC) or a retail copy (if they are going to want or need to move that copy to another computer). You cannot, under any circumstances, install one copy on to multiple computers.

    As for which edition to go for, only you can really decide that. In the same thread I linked to above, number 7 provides a link to a chart detailing the differences between each edition of 7.
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