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Windows 7 home basic product key free

i have lost my key no of my windows 7 home basic i have all the documents oi please help me
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  1. Check your pc for a sticker with your product ID on it. If it's a laptop it might be under the battery.

    Beyond that you're onto plums coming here.
  2. Download some product key finder software to extract your key. I think there's one called magic jelly bean key finder.
  3. hOWiN-tHeWo-RldDo-youLo-SeyoU-rpRou-dUCTk-eY???
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    The key is listed on a sticker that resides either on the computers case, laptops body or in the case of the retail instillation DVD.
    If it is not available on any of these locations and you have not yet reformatted your HD, call Microsoft, maybe they can support you.
    If you have already reformatted, you are unfortunately SOL and must purchase a new license.

    On a side note, it is against form rules solicit (or assist with) hacking, cracking or illicit product keys...
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