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My son is going to be entering college this fall. I guess he needs a laptop instead of his current desktop (gaming) rig. He is also an avid gamer.

Assuming he has time for his gaming (haha), is there a good gaming laptop that anyone can recommend? Right now, I am assuming that an Alienware would work - but I hoping there is a good (cheaper) alternative (anything but a Dell - I hate Dells).

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  1. We need to know your price range. Plus 14', 15.4' or 17'
  2. Do not buy Alienware laptops. I have owned two, bought the first, and the second was a "free upgrade" for problems I had. Both Laptops are crap, and the AW support for laptops is horrid, to the point of getting answers like "play a different game then" when calling to figure out why a game advertized to "runs best on Alienware" would not even load on the machine.

    The AW forums (which are not public due to how much the AW owners slam AW and thier machines) have a litany of problems that describe how bad these things really are.

    I know you don't like Dell, but the current lappy I use to run games on is the Dell, and it is fast and rock solid stable.
  3. Thing is, Dell has just purchased AlienWare, so I don't know what the quality/build/trend will be like from this point on. Guess we'll have to see huh? :!:
  4. He wants a 17" - he has always been spoiled - so I guess the price range is probably around 2K give or take.
  5. Thanks for sharing some Alienware Laptop history. I here what you are saying, and I understand. It would still be a difficult decision on my part to buy a Dell. I have been spoiled by building my owm gaming rigs or by purchasing Alienwares. Buying a laptop from Dell would not be inpossible though!!

  6. Yeah, I see a lot of anti Dell posts, and I used to be leary of them too, but my last 2 desktops and 2 laptops have been Dell (no time these days to build :( ) and I have been pleasantly surprised. Thier support for me has been top notch too. Maybe I am just lucky, who knows.

    As for Dell buying AW, I hope this means AW cleans up thier act, they are the worst purchase I have ever made and are among ony 2 companies I will never ever buy from again, and that is after well over 2 decades of building and buying tech hardware.
  7. It's hard to beat DELL on prices with their 17" notebooks with coupons.
    I personally think they're junk, but when you can get a 1.66 core duo, 17" notebook for under a grand (integrated graphics) that's some major buying power DELL has.

    Someday when China has all the nuclear weapons they need thanks to Michael Dell and Sam Walton, they are probably going to raise the prices to DELL and WalMart and crush the United States the old fashion way... economically.
  8. Just an Update:

    As of now, it looks like I am leaning toward a Sager 5720.

    What do you guys think of that?
  9. I think that their ODM is Clevo... in fact I am almost positive. I wonder if you could get your hands on a chassis and just build it yourself.

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