USB add-in Card.

One of my friends recently bought a new printer but it was USB and his computer didn't have USB ports. So i told him to go out and buy USB add-in card thingamajig. I put it in his computer and installed the drivers and it all said it was working okay but whenever you try and plug the printer in or any other USB device it doesn't work. I have an Intellimouse Explorer which i tried in it and you get nothing.

According to the system properties the device is working perfectly. His system is as follows.

Pentium 166MMX
Motherboard ???
S3 Virge Video Card.
On-Board Sound
Windows 98.
It's pretty old, i dont know if thats the problem and it just can't support USB or if there's something wrong with the USB add-in card. I thought it would have just been a matter of installing the card and drivers and it would work but apparently not.

I had heard some stuff that windows 98 does not support USB but i thought that got fixed up when you installed the USB drivers. The USB card uses the VIA VT6202 Chipset.

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  1. Check if the USB Card and USB Hub both appear in Hardware Information.

    And maybe this document can help you: <A HREF=";EN-US;263218" target="_new">;EN-US;263218</A>

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