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Rid windows 7 not genuine

Hello,my laptop have got some problem that in the desktop of laptop tells this copy of window is not genuine ,what are the solutions to fix this issues? and is its build is 7600
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    You will not get any cracks/hacks here on this forum.
    To "fix" this issue you need to purchase a genuine Win7 license.
    Good luck.
  2. depends on the source of the windows installation. did you install from a legit installation source and used a legitimate, purchased serial yet get the non genuine message? if yes, then contact microsoft customer support and ask their help. check ms website too.
    if you installed from pirated source and/or used black listed keys... buy a legit copy of windows. you won't find any help with pirated softwares on this forum. pirated softwares themselves are root of almost all software problems. best is to get rid of them and use legit stuff.
    you can also look into using linux. linux distros e.g. ubuntu, mint, mandriva etc. are free, no hassle with serials or keys.
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