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Got windows 7 on new computer and need to install a printer = generic print to file, generic text. It installs but does not print when try a test page or document. get error message "can not open" IT goes through all the steps correctly and shows up as a printer but doesn't work. Tried the trouble shooter but nothing.
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  1. I had a similar problem, i had a printer that ran fine on winxp pnp and then with windows 7 it needed the official drivers. without them the printer would still try to print, but instead of actually printing what i sent it, it just shot out endless pages without text until u push stop. So try the drivers and see if that works
  2. For others that might have the same problem.
    I found out that windows 7 security was blocking the write directly to the c: drive by the generic print to file driver. So by having it write the file to a folder on the c: drive instead of the root directory it works fine. Just have to add a few key strokes to the destination window.
  3. Almost three years late - but thanks, mrarnie! This helped me get a list of iPhone apps out of iTunes and into Excel on Windows 7 64-bit.

    hint to others: in file name box, type complete path like below:

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