Large fires crashing windows XP disk defragmenter!

I have a 45 gig hard drive with 3 8 GB files and nothing else(DVD ISO's). I am unable to defragment this drive!

When I try to run disk defragmenter it runs for about 10 minutes then exlorer crashes. I am unable to kill the disk fragmenter process, nor am I able to kill and rerun explorer.exe.

This also happens with my 100 GB drive with also has a couple large ISOs.

Also windows is doing a horrible job at placing the files on the hard drive. The fist ISO I put on the drive will start in the middle. There is plenty of room for another 8 gb file to be written to the hard drive, but instead Windows places it near the end so that the second file gets fragmented. The third file also gets fragmented even though there is over 8 GB of free contiguous disk space.

Is it that Windows XP disk defragmenter just isn't designed to work with 8 and 9 GB files? I thought Windows Xp supported files of this size?

Is there anyway I can make windows Xp use place large files more sensibly or any 3rd party disk defragmenter that can handle files of this size?
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  1. I've heard XP IS suppose to support it, but it might be your system thats not supporting it.

    anyway, unless you get some hack program that controls XP file control. you can't do much.

    besides that Why on earth are you holding those files anyway? burn them onto disk if thats your plan or compress them. If your just using them on your hard drive to view, theres no reason to keep them that big, theres almost no quality difference if you compress it to a 700 Meg file
  2. I usually borrow 5 DVDs from the library at a time and cache them on one of my hard drives until I feel like watching them. After I watch them I erase them to make room fore more. At the moment I have about 25 Dvd's cached on my various drives. Deamon Tools does an excellent job or mounting DVD ISOs into a virtual drive.

    My PC is my entertainment center, I don't even own a CD or DVD Player. Instead my PC is equipend with a remote, TV tunner card, 5.1 sound card and outputs to my TV and 5.1 Home Theater System.

    So really its quick and convient to keep them on my hard drive.

    Having a DVD-ISO split into 7 segments really doesn't affect the playback at all. It caches enough that no frames are dropped.

    It only becomes a problem when I have 60 Gigs of regular files and 60 gigs of DVD-ISO's on the same drive.

    Then I can't defrag the smaller files without risking a system crash. Usually it only moves the small files and leaves the ISO's where they are, but occassionally it tries to move one and then defragmenter goes into an infinite loop.

    Ah well I guess I need to buy some more DVD+RW's.
  3. Quote:
    Large fires crashing windows XP

    Sounds like you have a serious problem there.

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  4. Try VoptXP, I'm running WinXP Pro and doing similar to you, and VoptXP doesn't seem to care how big the files are, you can download a 30Day free trial, with all the capabilities enabled from <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  5. Another good reccomendation is O&O defragger pro.
    I use it and it handles huge drives with huge file sizes (we are talkin 5Gb .vob files here)
    Plus it looks pretty :)

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  6. Quote:
    Plus it looks pretty :)

    Even prettier on your pink desktop, I reckon. :lol:

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  7. LOL i got rid of that one quick fast... ut i still see it on emma's machine every now and again!

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  8. :)

    I actually had a hard drive cause a small fire in a PC.

    The motor on the hard drive crashed shorting the 12v to the ground. A decent powersupply would have imediatedly shut off, but this one decided to start smoking and then caught fire.

    I would have assumed that a hard drive motor would be double insulated (like a drill's motor) to prevent a short from occuring when the motor fails.

    When I replaced the power supply with an enlight the PC would just shut down immediately. A little trouble shooting revealed that it would not turn on with the hard drive attactecd which is when I reached for my multimeter.

    Out of curiosity I also connected my Antec True 550 and it also passed the no fire test :).

    Yet another reason to hate cheap power supplies!
  9. cool. computers and flames!

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