I have a Dell Inispron 1200 Laptop (lol pos) and i want to play some games on it other than pong and Red Alert. I was wondering if there were any laptops that are able to get upgraded graphics because i don't want to have to spend another $400 after i sell it just because i need a $50-100 GPU and nothing else better. Please give me any advise in finding laptops with graphics that are equivilant or better than an ATI Radeon x300 or radeon 7000 for as cheap as possible. thanks.
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  1. The Asus z71v has a nVidia 6600 card in it with 128 MB RAM and is on an MMX3 slot so it can be upgraded.
  2. thanks anyways, but that doesn't really help me since I don't have an Asus notebook and I doubt that my laptop, a base model Dell with horrible integrated graphics, is upgradeable.
  3. OOOh if it's integrated then you're outta luck there. Perhaps look into investing in a new laptop?
    Btw, has anyone seen those mini ATX towers? They look REALLY small and I'm almost interested in building one of those lol.
  4. I built one of those Xcube systems.

    That turned out pretty good. The one issue is needing to cut out and refabricate the back to fit a decent ATX power supply in.
    Once that was done I fit a 74 Gig Raptor and 2 320 gig RAID1 hard drives in with an x850XT 256 MB and a Intel 660 processor.

    Pretty nice for hauling around with you.
  5. Quote:
    The Asus z71v has a nVidia 6600 card in it with 128 MB RAM and is on an MMX3 slot so it can be upgraded.

    Hi there,

    The Z71 is not MXM, the Z81s is.
  6. Here's the one I built not 2 months ago.

    I had some pictures of the internals including the removable video card, but I can't find them.

    Believe me... the z71v has a removable video card. It's not a bad system either... looks a whole lot better with the carbon fiber skin though.
  7. I know the Z71 has a modular card. It's just not MXM ;)

    I checked, believe me.
  8. Ok, we're both kind of right and wrong.

    I had said it was an MxM3 slot, and it is an MXM2 slot. The 6600 is the second from the right. The farthest right is the 6800 MXM3.
  9. Hi there Killernotebooks,

    that's a picture from a Z71 with a costum cooler. The red circle is around what is probably the connector to the LCD, which is definetely not a part of the MXM spec. As you can see, it's also equiped with SODIMM style latches, again: not in the MXM spec.

    Your turn ;) Don't get me wrong, I actually hope you can prove me wrong, the more MXM notebooks the more I like it.

  10. Who made that custom cooler?
  11. How do those last 8 posts help me? Thanks
  12. Quote:
    How do those last 8 posts help me? Thanks

    Not at all ;)

    Here's the deal. Some Dell's can be upgraded, some can not. Same with Sager/Clevo's.

    Then there's the MXM crowd. Here's a table with the currently known MXM laptops. More info on the MXM concept on the frontpage of the same site.
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