Michigan State Univ advances to Elite 8!!!!

Fantastic game, MSU v N Iowa!!! (men's basketball)

What is your sport of choice, what level (college/minor/professional), and what is it about that team that makes you respect them? What makes your team so special?

Are you one to appreciate fundamental techniques and training or is it the highlight action that you love?

Open to any comments.....
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  1. I live in Michigan. Not too far from East Lansing.

    I have to say, I can't stand basketball. It doesn't matter, college or pro, I'd rather carve my eyes out with a rusty spoon than watch it.

    I can tolerate college football for a few minutes.

    Professional baseball and football is where I live. I live and die with the Detroit Tigers. I try to catch every single game, whether it's at Comerica Park, or on TV. I grew up idolizing Cecil Fielder. I've played baseball my whole life. I was a pitcher through college.

    For Football, I'm a huge Dallas Cowboys fan. When I started getting into football, they were on the rise (E. Smith, J. Novacek, M. Irvin, T. Aikman, D. Johnston, D. Sanders, D. Woodson.....etc). I grew to love America's team. I've been a fan ever since.
  2. Oddly you and I have quite a bit in common but we differ on our sport interests quite a bit. Always interesting to meet someone from your local state/town. I remember an old 2nd year Cecil Fielder Topps card was one of my favorites growing up. I probably read that card a 100 times or more.

    You obviously dont like bball but you grew up when the Pistons vs. Bulls competition was at its best. Not to mention Barry Sanders, ever since he retired the Lions never regained the heart and determination again. I lost interest in the Lions when Herman Moore was whining for the ball every week.

    Nice to hear from you.

    Go State!
  3. The whole Barry Sanders thing was a mixed bag for me. I appreciated his talents, and always felt bad that he played for such an underachieving team. But being a big Emmitt Smith fan, often got the "Barry is way better" argument.

    Sounds like State is a bit banged up.
  4. Since I dont follow professional much my opinions are just opinions but from my memory of watching Emmit and Barry is they were different enough that it wasnt apples to apples. With the Lions lacking the guts to perform, Barry had to be superior and carry the ball too much and in doing so it forced him to be that great. In contrast the Cowboys had premium skills in passing, rushing, defense which made Emmit be one of many positive aspects of the team.

    That being said Ive never seen a running back move like Barry. He seemed to float on grass.

    Yup, the Spartans are hurting badly. Lucas is out for 6 months, Roe played despite serious pain, Allen has a strained foot. So 3 out of our top 5 are either out completely or seriously hampered. But we are deep on the bench. Those remaining have seemed to play very smart and above their normal level of intensity. I dont know how Izzo does it but he always seems to get the teams prepped for the tournament. If we lose tomorrow to Tennessee I will be sad but overall Im proud of the team for finishing so strong and keeping the Big Ten in the running.

    College basketball and football is it for me. Ill watch most anything but dont really care too much about the outcome of professional sports.
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