Can't find 40gb of junk on my hard drive . . .

I just installed Windows 7 RC 1 over the W7 beta and there is 40gb of stuff on my hard drive i can't find. This was a complete install over the old OS, and my hard drive says 55gb of space is being used, but I can only find 15gb. Just curious if I can get rid of that 40gb of junk rather than doing another clean reformat/install.
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  1. Try running the system 'disk cleanup' and look for 'previous version' or old files from a previous installation.Check the box for deletion and run system disk cleaner. Once those files are deleted free space on the hard drive from that file deletion will show up instantly. Those previous version files can very large.
  2. I like treesize it finds everything even lets you select and delete system restore files, its amasing how many of them build up after a while.

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    WinDirStat is a program I have used from time to time to view what files are taking what space...and all in color. ;)
  4. I like SpaceMonger for these types of things. Never tried it with Vista, though.
  5. eh, i just decided i didnt want to mess with it so i just did a clean reformat and reinstall lol.

    thanks anyway guys :)
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