Windows 7 64 bit freeze! help

Okay, where to start!

I am on a 640 GB western digital HDD running Windows 7 Professional.


E8500 Intel processor, core 2 duo 3.16 Ghz

8 GB of RAM

Cross-fire setup: two ATI Radeon HD4850 series cards

All on a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P motherboard

The symptom is that the computer RANDOMLY - no pattern to the freezing whatsoever- freezes. During this time, whatever sound was playing will stutter for a while, the screen will remain frozen with the image that was last on it. Their is no keyboard response, numlock etc... or mouse response.

Upon restarting, the event log has no recollection of what caused the issue. I have checked,many, many times, over the course of 3 weeks now. The only error it contains is the one stating that the computer unexpectedly shut down. Nothing else is pertinent.

I have all the latest drivers, for everything, BIOS updates, etc... as well as windows updates.

On top of that, i have reformatted my computer, and the problem still persists, but here's the kicker:

On a secondary drive, running windows XP professional 64 bit, the computer works just fine, never freezes at all, so i doubt its any hardware component, i have left it on for days to test this, and it still functions properly.

Basically, i have tried everything i can think of and am out of ideas, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading
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  1. Also wanted to note, it is not the hard disc, nor is it the HDD cache. All have been tested.
  2. I had exactly the same issue as you have described and when I was searching for solutions in a lot of forums a lot of people posted similar issues, but there also seems to be numerous and various solutions to this.

    I'm not sure how familiar you are with Bios settings but what resolved this issue for me entirely no single freeze since I did this approx 3 weeks ago, before the freezing occurred at least once a day) was to relax the data rate from my DDR3 memory from 1333Mhz (this was the specified speed) down to 1066Mhz. This was regardless of the fact that memtest etc didn't produce any errors when I was looking for potential issues.

    Give it a try...hope this will work for you as well...
  3. Will do, thanks.

    Ill post back to confirm if this works or not.
  4. perseverence said:
    Will do, thanks.

    Ill post back to confirm if this works or not.

    Did it solve your issue?
  5. I'm curious as far I had no issues ever since (just need to get my ATI video card issues resolved now). By accident I have reset my BIOS about 2 weeks ago and on that day I had 2-3 freezes until I remembered that I had to re-set the data rate. I'm about 99% sure now that this has caused the issue with my PC
  6. very intresting, im getting it on any 64bit OS :S xp and win 7, didnt get any errors on a 32 bit os... running 800mhz ddr2 ram though
  7. Take one of the graphics cards out and see if the problem persists.
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