DMA enabled? or not DMA enabled?

I just bought a fine 54x32x54 Mitsumi CD-RW. (CR-48XFTE if you must know) I've been all around the web trying to find out if it's enabled or is it lying to me in my face, and here are its symptoms:
1) When I'm in Device Manager it doesn't say the Drive is DMA but it does say that the IDE Channel it's connected through is "DMA if available"
2) My CPU is maxed out while burning, a 1.9GHZ P4 FSB400 (I know its not top notch but it sure is supposed to handle burning)
3) This is the most interesting thing, InfoTool.exe, a tool that comes with later versions of Nero (god bless for this fine piece of software, not that im saying that EZCD Creator isn't good, hehehe...) says that DMA is off. Can someone tell me more about this tool? Can I trust it like i trust Nero?
How can enable DMA?
Thanks in advanced

oh crap, another OC try that went bad. now i have P4 all over my mother board and geforce, does anyone know how to clean it up?
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  1. In control pannel -> system then the device profile page, check the primary and secondary IDE channels. THEY should say the DMA state.
    And to enable dma, select dma from the box then reboot.
    Sometimes windows can be flakey and it can be hard to get DMA to 'stick'.
    Reinstalling the chipset drivers, deleting and reinstalling the drives and/or deleting and reinstalling the IDE channels themselves may make it work. Bit of a crapshoot really.

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  2. I did check the primary and secondary IDE channels, they both say "DMA if available". And when i look at the "Curren Transfer Mode" it says for the burner "Ultra DMA Mode 2", if so, why is my CPU maxed out while burning?
    Also, about installing the drivers... WinXP decided that they endanger stability or something and wont let them boot (every time i boot the computer it gives me a notice that they were disabled).
    Also, where can i find the chipset drivers? On what disk do they come?

    oh crap, another OC try that went bad. now i have P4 all over my mother board and geforce, does anyone know how to clean it up?
  3. It sounds like DMA is enabled then. Vhipset drivers can be found at the MB manufacturer website or at the chipset manufacturer website. Chipset website is probably more current.
  4. just B4 the OS loads, there should be a screen of devices on your system, will list all ide devices, listing HDD capacity, PIO & DMA modes...

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