Windows won't recognize my Xbox 360 controller

I am trying to connect my wired Xbox 360 controller to my Windows 7 computer. However, when I plug it in, Windows literally doesn't even know that it is plugged in. Nothing happens. I've tried plugging it in in several different ports, all with the same result. I also have a Plug'n play controller that I am trying to use, and while Windows recognizes that the Plug'n play system is plugged in, the controller doesn't work. I have downloaded the software from Microsoft, and still it doesn't work.
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  1. Try reinstalling the driver software. If that does not work, your controller may be malfunctioning. I have had a couple xbox controllers that don't always want to work when you plug them in. Is the middle button at least lighting up?

    I'm not entirely sure, but I was under the impression that plug and plays only charge the controller and do not transmit data, that would explain why that controller won't work. I could be wrong though, as I do not own one.
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