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After installing a trial version of AutoCad Inventor, ( Win7 Ult 64-bit > Dell Precision T5400) I find that I am not not allowed to download anything. I did turn off Windows firewall and defender and anti-virus as advised when downloading, changed the UAC (User Account Control), but when trying to download the new version of Firefox it stops with "you don't not have sufficient rights to allow this" to thereabouts.

I've gone through every security and administrator setting I can, in System, msconfig, and so on. I've restarted, shut down, "changed user"- whatever I can think of.

This must be a simple setting, but it's amazingly frustrating!

Thanks again!

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  1. Mates,

    Another digital conundrum solved- the Precision T5400 has decided to go back to work and can download.

    I had a closer look at my other Win 7 machines > (HP M9426F , Dell Optiplex 740, Dell Dimension 8400) and reset to match every administrator, internet, account, and security settings on the T5400 as the same - no effect, still could not download Firefox. I downloaded the Firefox installer on the 8400 and transferred it to the T5400 on a USB flash drive (Kingston 8GB). Though I thought a virus unlikely, I decided to run a scan (AVG) and interestingly, it did not detect a virus, but presented a list of nine corrupted executable files in the Firefox installer program. AVG removed these files> downloaded a new copy of the Firefox installer > transferred > installed > rebooted > and as if by magic, the T5400 could again do what it has done perfectly for two years- until two hours previously. I had thought this installer was only for Firefox, but it seems the presence of the corrupted version stopped program downloads from any site.

    The lesson from this episode is an ancient and wise one > if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Probably another works as well, "Measure twice and saw once" > frustration is the penalty of not being methodical.



    PS> Interesting statistic > The Dell Dimension 8400 (P4 630 HT, 3GHz, 3GB, Quadro FX570, WD 750GB- 2004) performs the Passmark benchmark test almost 30% faster with Win 7 Ult 64 bit than XP Pro SP3 32-bit.
  2. Good job fixing the problem. Have fun!
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