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I overclocked my Acer Ferrari 4005 very well with all stock cooling. I raised the system clock to 220 which got the ML 37 running at 2200 mhz. I had to raise the vcore from the stock 1.35 to 1.4. The ATI x700 was clocked from 358/330 to 410/380. The most amazing thing though is that i got the stock DDR333 ram to run at DDR 400 speed even with the high FSB and CL2.5. I have a screenshot after running 3DMark05 and screenshots of the ram being overclocked.
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  1. Have your temps changed with the OC? Plus is batt life the same?
  2. the temps went up a few degrees so now under high graphics and cpu load the CPU temp is at 73-78 C from a stock 70-76. I don't have a GPU temp to monitor. I am not going to run it overclocked on battery bc it is not good to over stress batteries. With with high performance settings while gaming it gets 50-60 min on a full charge with stock timings. word proccessing and email gets 3 hrs or more.
  3. oh i should mention that it will only remain stable at 2200 mhz for about 20 min of heavy load so i can only game with it at 2140 mhz. the gpu will over heat sometimes after about 1-2 hrs unless i back it off to 400/370.
  4. To bad they don't OC like PCs.
  5. Did you try to lap the GPU & CPU heat sink then AS5?

    If your system has a heat pipe try to polish the heatpipe. My system's come from my ODM with all sorts of imperfections on the heat pipe, and I can usually get 2 C at LEAST polishing the impurities out.
  6. thanks for the tip, yes my notebook does have a heat pipe in it. This summer when the waranty end i might replace the cpu with a MT40 and then when have it opened up i could do some work to the heatsink and such. if i do that then i will really oc the ml37 in a desktop.
  7. Might be interesting to hear all the programs you used to overclock your laptop.
  8. to change the system clock i used ClockGen from cpuid.com, to change multiplier and vcore i used CrystalCPUID. To monitor the CPU temp i used AMD Dashboard Demo(many other programs can do that), to show the actual core voltage i used AMD Power Monitor (Turions use a different VID table that most programs like cpu-z and crystalcpuid show incorectly) I overclocked the x700 with ATITool. The ram speed was changed using A64Tweaker. btw i found out that the ram overheats at DDR400 during games even though it passed a few stability test programs. All system changes were done in windows as a laptop BIOS has no options.

    system specs: Ferrari 4005
    Turion ML 37
    1 gb ddr333
    100 gb 7200rpm (that was a great upgrade from the standard 5400 rpm)
    ATI x700 w/ 128mb - updated to catalyst drivers
  9. You might want to try the RAM I use. Patriot Extreme Performance part #: PEP1G2700SLL 2-2-2-5 timings... designed for overclocking.

  10. thanks for the suggestion. i checked out the patriot web site and that ram is DDR333 pc2700, do you know if it works at DDR400 pc3200 speed stabily at a a latency lower than 3. If not then i will probably get ram rated at DDR400 with either CL 3 or CL 2.5.(i'm sure the slower ram would go faster if i had a way to up the voltage to the 2.6V that the faster ram uses)
  11. It's specifically designed for overclocking. You're going to get more speed from the lower latency than the bandwidth. I read an article where they O.C.'d it, of course with a little loss of latency, but gained back the bandwidth you are looking for.
    My memory page has a link to a pretty good ExtrememTech article on memory.

  12. thanks for the link. it would have been nice if they would have compared ddr333 at various latencies to ddr400 at various latencies. i know when i ran my laptop with the ram at ddr400 cl2.5 i could notice the diff over ddr333 cl2.5. also it was faster going to ddr400 cl3 from stock. when going to ddr400 with either latency rightmark memory analizer showed about a 20% increase in bandwidth and a 15-30%(depended on oc, CL, and spd) decrease in latency cylces, but i have no idea how much performance increase that is in real programs. my experience shows that going from cl3 to 2.5 didn't change much, so i don't know if it is worth going from 2.5 to 2.
  13. It sepends on what you are doing. The article said anywhere from 2 - 4% improvement average.
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