Is Lenovo's Z60m the First Thinkpad Multimedia Powerhouse?

The Chinese manufacturer Lenovo, which took over IBM's PC hardware lines about a year ago, is now the third largest player in the world-wide PC market. The company's Z60m is the first widescreen Thinkpad model ever. But, even with a widescreen and other enhancements, can Lenovo claim that the Z60m offers "exceptional graphics and multimedia [performance]"?
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  1. I have had my Z60m since Jan of 2006 (delays in shipping). It has been a great experience. I love the performance (even with a single memory chip) and I love the monitor. Battery life is amazing (up to 7.5 hours with wireless off, or around 5.5 with it on).

    Only had one problem -- I use the advanced docking station with a dual DVI PCI-e card in it. I use this to split to a digitaltigers setup on my desk. There is a conflict between the ATI card in the PCI-e slot and the one built into the laptop so that you can not run both the LCD and the external at the same time. In addition, the same resource issues cause problems if I put to many USB devices (3-4) into the dock.

    Even with these problems, this is the fastest laptop I have been on in a while that is still portable.
  2. Do you find the battery at the back to be perturbing? I remember having one in the office and I was afraid of dumping it on the floor when I went for a walkabout, supporting it via the rather rickety-seeming battery.
  3. I was a little concerned about the bumper battery -- but it has proved to be more solid then I feared. I have yet to have a problem with it being "flimsy" or loosely fitting -- things that would make it annoying.
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