WIN 95 WTF???

I got a massive problem with a older gateway PC. ITs a 300mhz P2 with 320 mb of ram. It has win95 2nd relase on it... I know my friend should upgrade but its not working the best now so thats not an option as of yet... Well the problem all started when he installed Easy CD creator 5. He rebooted the machine like it asked, it flashed the win95 logo screen then it came back with a black Dos like screen and said, Windows Protection Error, please restart your computer... I can get it to load in Safe mode, and i deleated the program and restarted, same error... So i went in the registery and del every trace of it... Same error... What the hell is causing this????????
Now I did a reinstall of Win95, that worked... So now i can boot it in normal mode, but it wont show the Zip drive or CDrw drive that worked before... I had this problem when i added the burner, but the Zip drive, and DVD drive did but no CDrw... He said he clicked show all drives or somethin and i cant find that setting... he doesnt remember how he did it either... All 4 IDE drives show in the deice manager, is there a dumbass setting to not show more than 2 drives in my computer or what??? Once i get his data backed up, Fdisk and win2k are going to attack his harddrive... hehe
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  1. Strictly out of curiousity, on that 'reinstall'.

    Did you format the partition before doing the install?

    Since you're trying to backup things, I'm guessing you didn't. It's not often, in my limited experience at least, that it solves any problems other than 'missing files'.

    Is that an IDE zip, or a parallel?
    And there's several routes out of the computer. I used LAN for some time when I first got my laptop, and still have the hub. But you can crimp/buy your own null cable and do a direct tranfer between Nics, which hauls a$$.
  2. No i didnt do a format when i reinstalled it... I fixed it today finnaly... I just put the hard drive in one of my other computers and set it as a slave... then i dragged his data to my HD... So then came in Fdisk and i installed windows 2000 later today... Everything works... "F" Windows 95...

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